Lab Temps – Scientific & Laboratory Talent Available

Accomplished Microbiology professional with a BS in analytical chemistry and 13 years of experience in the fields of chemical analysis, microbiology testing, hydrology testing, data trending, research with impact assessments, employee safety, quality management and administrative responsibility. Experience as sole microbiologist for supporting pharmaceutical HPLE sugar production, API contract manufacturing, excipient production for medical devises, IV drugs and solid state medicines. Testing background includes wet chemical testing, controlled environment microbial testing (viable and non-viable), compressed gas testing and hydrological collection/testing with data trending.

R/D Chemist
Self-motivated Analytical Chemist with 17 years of strong chromatography, project management, quality control and wet chemistry knowledge and experience. Familiar with R/D, product management and quality control environments. Skills include HPLC, Flash and Prep Chromatography written and oral reports, GMP compliant multi-tasking Project Management, troubleshooting and repair.

Analytical Chemist
Highly organized Analytical Chemist with experience in pharmaceutical and food testing. Well-versed in ISO-certified testing for nutritional food components and pharmaceutical injectables. Pharmaceutical background includes work with HPLC with expertise in Empower 2 and Empower 3 LC. Trained in several wet chemistry methods. Responsible for ordering supplies and maintenance of stock. Directed and implemented lab-based instruction. Past career as a High School Chemistry teacher lends itself to ability to work in training and instruction of others.

Scientist with a BA in Chemistry. Experienced in preparing test reports and performing cGMP documentation in all areas of lab. Has calibrated and maintained instruments and equipment in accordance with SOP requirements, performed analytical testing and calculations on in-process bulk material, finished product and cleaning samples. Knowledgeable in wet chemistry techniques, pH testing, Brix testing, Residual Chlorine, saponification, scorched particles and heavy metal screening. Familiarity with Mojonnier method for fat extraction and knowledgeable in performing chemical analyses such as protein, moisture, fat, ash, and other components.

QA Engineer/QC Chemist
Analytical, detail oriented Quality Engineer with a background in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Experience includes identifying active ingredients in FPNS using IR analysis and HPLC methods, performing physical analysis to verify specifications are met for product and packaging and performing analysis of pH, specific gravity, pump delivery, plume geometry, droplet and particle size. Competent at ensuring all aspects of GMP are practiced and enforced plant-wide. Has ability to inspect incoming and outgoing raw materials and finished products. Experience comparing finished product specifications to database records to ensure accuracy of all records.

Analytical Technician/Pilot Plant
Laboratory Professional with a BS in Chemistry and 5+ years in a Hydrocarbon Pilot Plant. Experienced R/D technician and pilot plant operator including start up, mass balance and shutdown. Excellent knowledge of the US GLP, GMP and QA/QC techniques. Well trained in handling lab documents, LIMS, CERF, Sample Manager and SAP. Experience in developing SOPS, THAs and MOCs. Demonstrated ability to communicate with engineers regarding laboratory/QC testing, techniques, proper work methods, results and plant/laboratory safety.

Regulatory Specialist
Regulatory expert with an MS in Food Science and proven experience in GMP audits and inspections for diverse industry-leading food manufacturers. Extensive knowledge in quality assurance, reporting, auditing and documentation. Has demonstrated success in training, streamlining, process redesign, regulatory compliance and project management. Implemented a variety of methodologies to ensure compliance with company objectives and customer expectations. Maintained continuous involvement and provided extra effort to generate positive results, reduce expenses and increase revenues. Proficient in a wide range of analytical testing processes for use in ensuring strict compliance with regulatory standards.

Quality Auditor/Inspector
Professional Quality Inspector with a BS in Biochemistry. Past responsibilities include failure analysis on materials including fiberboard, plastics, composites and metals and writing reports. Utilized corrugated mullen burst tester, corrugated edge crush tester, tensile and compression equipment, vacuum chamber, and custom equipment setups. Laboratory skills include Titration, Distillation, PH Meter, Testing Unknown Compounds, GLC, Melting/Boiling Point, Spectrophotometer, Thin Layer Chromatography, IR, Gel Electrophoresis, Analytical Balance and Column Chromatography.

QC/QA Technician
Team oriented Quality Assurance professional with BA in Chemistry and relevant work experience conducting various tests on samples of paint, including pH tests, viscosity tests, and color tests using UV-Vis spectroscopy and operating AKTA OligoPilot and AKTA Basic instrumentation to facilitate oligonucleotide synthesis and purification. Also analyzed crude and purified oligonucleotides using UV-Vis spectroscopy and HPLC. Maintained FDA compliant documentation for all production lots. Worked as part of a small team of operators to maximize production efficiency given limited equipment.

QA Tech/Auditor
Meticulous quality assurance professional with a career built in the food industry. In a most recent role as an auditor, this candidate enforced standards to ensure smooth supplier performance, managed the inspection, documentation and analysis of all incoming raw materials and reviewed raw materials for potential cost savings. Analyzed existing and potential customer product specification requests. Led weekly Supply Chain Program meetings to ensure proper disposition and timeliness of resolutions. Certified in Pest Plant Integrated Pest Management Systems and Organic Processing Standards.

Food Technician
Scientist with a BS in Biology. Food safety abilities include conducting quality assurance on product samples to ensure specifications are met prior to packaging and performing maintenance on GC instrumentation for Agilent GC 7890A and 7683B injectors, changing tanks, column, septum, liner, o-ring, needle, etc. Responsible for releasing and approving data in the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for shipment for final product, maintaining the FTNIR instruments and running standard testing, testing moisture, pH, and water activity to ensure the appropriate balance and specifications of the product and loading and running samples on GC and HPLC. Provided training to new chemists and laboratory technicians regarding safety, compliance and daily routines.

Lab Tech I
Recent University of Illinois chemistry graduate with experience in separating, purifying, and analyzing impurities in leading products by filtration, distillation, FTIR and GC. Has run corrosion tests to suggest appropriate metal alloy compositions for reactors in various company plants, collected and analyzed HPLC data and researched strategies to prevent foaming of surfacting agents in reactors and scrubbers. Lead impact driven copper thermite reactions tests using Nd: YAG laser table and analyzed data through MATLAB as well as constructed diamond anvil cells for the analysis of dyes at high static pressure as an undergraduate researcher.