Lab Temps – Scientific & Laboratory Talent Available

Analytical Chemist
Experienced scientist in chemistry and laboratory environment, directly utilizing wet chemistry skills. Universal strengths include analytical/scientific judgment, mathematical logic in chemistry, teaching/training skills, technical styles of writing and documentation.  Wet chemistry lab skills and instrumentation include UV/Vis Spectrophotometer, pH, meter, Densitometer, Viscometer/ Rheometer, Moisture analyzer, Titration, knowledge in the principles of cGMP and GLP. Pharmaceutical manufacturing/QC skills include dissolution testing, stability testing, pharmaceutical method development and validation and microbiological aseptic techniques.

Scientist with BS in Chemistry performing in Lead FSQA role. Experienced collecting and testing samples: microbiology/pathogen testing, pH testing, allergen testing, colorimeter, penetrometer, sensory, overrun, fats and solids, water activity, cleaning, COAs, HACCP adjustments and calibrations, Usage of Quality Program (PLM, SAP, QDMS, SCAD). Proficient conducting in-depth research to solve problems with customer complaints and product and production line issues. This candidate has conducted internal and external audits, risk assessments and policies and has management and training experience with personal safety and work ethic procedures.

Regulatory Affairs Specialist
A Regulatory Affairs Specialist with 15+ years of Regulatory and Quality Assurance experience, R&D, USDA and FDA food facilities. Adept at remaining alert of government regulations to ensure all activities executed stay within compliance. Collaborates with team members to complete intricate operational tasks. Utilizes advanced software applications to organize functions for enhanced productivity. Capable of devising innovative quality control systems that amplify the execution of tasks performed within the workplace. Areas of expertise include: SQF, HACCP, CCP, SSOP, SOP, Quality/Control/Programs, EZLABEL Resource and development USDA/FDA.

Quality Assurance Specialist
BS in Chemistry with QA background. Adept at monitoring daily operations to ensure compliance to established procedures, customer specifications and/or shop order instructions, performing incoming goods, in process and finished product inspections per approved procedures, identifying and reporting unusual quality conditions to management for correction. Responsibilities have included Initiating incident reports for non-conforming goods, out-of-specification processes, in process failures, etc., Skilled at performing analytical analysis (pH, Conductivity, Viscosity, basic titrations) and ensuring adherence to company employee safety, food safety and GMP policies.

QC/QA Technician
This professional has 20 years of experience and a Master’s Degree in Chemistry along with expertise in analytical methodologies like chromatography and spectroscopy. This candidate exhibits operational knowledge of analytical instrumentation like GC, HPLC, MS, IR, UV-VIS, NMR, AA, TLC, Olympus, Rapid Trace, Elisa Hair and other related instruments. Adept in LIMS Laboratory System, MS Excel, Word, Outlook and other software tools relevant to lab. Experienced in compliance requirements with GMP and GLP regulations.

R&D Lab Technician
Technician specializing in food research, innovation and a commitment to using the scientific method with a focus on product quality and customer satisfaction. Coordinated projects at each stage including ideation, formulation, cooking, processing, packaging, scale-up trials and sensory testing. Experience includes conducting and reporting on laboratory experiments to determine food safety and food quality, coordinating with contractors to order departmental/laboratory equipment and supplies & coordinating with maintenance to repair equipment and prevent workplace hazards and representing the R&D department on the Safety Committee by assisting with quarterly audits, identifying and investigating hazards and promoting safety culture.

Food Specialist
Experienced scientist with more than 20 years in Research and Development and Quality Control for a food manufacturing company. As a R&D supervisor ensured compliance with FDA standards. Experience also includes formulating new products for retail and food service, revising formulas for raw materials substitution, cost reduction or process improvement, testing and qualifying finished products and inspecting raw materials for production and monitoring and monitoring GMP, HACCP and sanitation of production to confirm set standards are met.

Quality Assurance Technician
Science professional with a BS in Chemical Engineering from UIC. Strengths in analytical analysis and quality assurance. Chemical Engineering experience in batch and continuous solid-liquid separation, fluid flow through resin/sands, nitrogen-oxygen membrane separation, fluid flow in pipe systems (plastic, copper, steel), viscosity of non-newtonian liquid, evaporation, distillation, gas-liquid absorption, heat transfer, humidification, liquid-liquid extraction, ultrafilteration. Skills include VBA, Aspen+, C/C++, Mat lab, Visual, Calibration, Titrations, Data Analysis, Distillation and Statistics.

Lab Tech
Professional laboratory technician. Past responsibilities include failure analysis on materials including fiberboard, plastics, composites and metals and writing reports. Utilized corrugated mullen burst tester, corrugated edge crush tester, tensile and compression equipment, vacuum chamber, and custom equipment setups. Laboratory skills include Titration, Distillation, PH Meter, Testing Unknown Compounds, GLC, Melting/Boiling Point, Spectrophotometer, Thin Layer Chromatography, IR, Gel Electrophoresis, Analytical Balance and Column Chromatography.

Quality Inspector
Inspector with over five years of quality control experience in the food industry. Quality control skills include inspection, performing salt, pH, and oxygen tests on products, inspection of machines and blenders and verifying paper work. Responsible for conducting sanitation duties such as washing and sterilizing mixers, maintaining mixer operation and mixing chemicals for disinfection.