Finding the right job can take a few months of searching – and involves four key components:
•Self Assessment
Networking (Traditional and Social)
•Placement Firms

Self Assessment

Before searching for a new job, you need to figure out what you want in the next position. Start by listing the elements of your dream job. What do you love to do outside of work? What do you love about your current job? What do you not like about your current job?

A self assessment should not be taken lightly. They key to finding the right fit is developing a career action plan. Check with local colleges and municipalities to see if they offer career guidance planning. This is the most vital step in making sure that your next job is the right job for you.


Your resume is your calling card. Take the time to highlight your accomplishments. Each bullet needs to be a strong answer to: “You should hire me because I … (list bullet here.) If it’s not compelling, it doesn’t belong on the resume. You only have so much room to make an impression – use it wisely. Remember, only go back 10 years and use your industry’s buzz words.

Proofreading and a professional review is a must. Aim to have five friends in your field review your resume, along with one professional proofreader.


Having the right contacts can skyrocket your career. After completing your self assessment, find people in your network who have a similar role to the one you are seeking, or who can connect you to someone who does. Ask to meet with that person for a 20-minute information interview. This is your chance to fully vet your next role, and, your contact may know of a position that has yet to be advertised. Buying a coffee for a contact can reap huge dividends.

Social media has altered the way we search for new restaurants, connect with friends and find our next job. At a minimum, you should be on LinkedIn. A professional profile with an updated resume is one of the first things you want to appear when a recruiter puts your name in Google. At the same time, your online personal life should be squeaky clean. Questionable photos and/or posts will work against you.

Placement Firms

Placement firms, such as the Messina Group, Inc., can help you get connected to employers . Be open to contract-to-hire and temporary-to-hire positions. Not only do they give an employer the chance to become comfortable with you, they also give you the opportunity to see if the job and work environment feels right.

When interviewing with a client, treat it as you would any other interview. Be professional, on time and interested in the position. If at any time, you do not feel that the temporary or contract role is the right fit for you, get in touch with your talent specialist immediately. We want to make sure that both you and our client are happy with the placement.