In today’s work environment, companies leverage professional staffing agencies to manage their fluctuating hiring needs. Messina Group has more than 50 years of experience working with companies. Candidates are screened for proficiency and placed at a client’s site on either a project or time-specific basis. Contract employees can include anyone from high-level technical experts, such as Engineers and Architects, to employees like Payroll Clerks or Administrative Assistants. Below are the types of staffing services we provide to our clients:


We provide temporary workers to staff permanent teams and engage technical experts for project-based work. Whether you need help for one week or one year, an additional person or an entire team, we can help you find temporary talent quickly and efficiently through our experienced sourcing techniques.


Employers are using a temp-to-hire model as a way to evaluate performance and productivity before converting them to permanent status. Once we identify candidates who meet your criteria, we place them on our payroll and assign them to work at your office for an agreed duration. At any time, you can convert them to a permanent employee once you feel confident in their ability.


We offer Direct Hire recruiting for permanent positions. If you are looking for a specialized role or simply expanding your core team, our recruiters will help you find the right candidate for your long term needs. Our fees are contingent on successful placement of a professional – meaning we will exhaust all efforts to find the best talent.


Consultants are project focused, full-time Messina Group employees.  They have a wealth of experience in the desired skill set you need. Our Consulting staff offers proven methodologies, tools and frameworks for your projects. Once the project is complete, the specialist returns to Messina Group’s consultant pool for placement on their next engagement.