Subject Matter Experts 2
Our Subject Matter Experts draw on over 20 years of experience successfully placing candidates. We have experts within the Engineering, Manufacturing, Architectural, Financial, Scientific, Marketing and Information Technology (IT) industries.

Messina Group’s Subject Matter Experts take pride in providing the top talent. They will exhaust all efforts to meet the recruiting needs of their clients.

Over the years, Messina has developed thousands of contacts. This allows us to quickly tap a vetted network to locate the ideal candidate for an organization — but our subject matter experts don’t stop there. Before developing a tailored recruitment plan, our experts meet with clients to gain a thorough understanding of their unique technology, culture and operating procedures. They conduct thorough screening processes when sourcing candidates. Their cross industry know-how is brought to projects, focusing on quality rather quantity. All of this adds up to savings in time and money for clients.

Building strong, long-lasting relationships is what makes it possible for Messina Group to respond quickly when the need for supplemental staff arises. We know how to provide quick and efficient solutions for our clients’ changes in workloads and personnel requirements.